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“My belief is that art should not be comforting; for comfort, we have mass entertainment and one another. Art should provoke, disturb, arouse our emotions, expand our sympathies in directions we may not anticipate and may not even wish.” ― Joyce Carol Oates

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Consider Yourself Warned

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Sneak peak

The Strength in Submission Push me To my limits Push me past Teach me what my body can do How much I can take No one Has ever seen me As...

Sneak Peak inside Issue 2

Aubade By Robert Tustin The room looks as if it's been ransacked And yet smells of sweat, sex And the sweet scent of her lavender...

Submissions Open!

Head over to the submissions page to submit art, poetry, fiction, and non-fiction and anything outside the box.

Trigger Warnings

TRIGGER WARNINGS By John Tustin “The Indigenous Rainbow Lollipop Review invites one and all to submit their poetry. We believe that...


We want your short stories, flash fiction, poems, artwork, etc. especially those with emotional impact. Submit up to 3 poems Submit up to...

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