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Sneak Peak inside Issue 2


By Robert Tustin

The room looks as if it's been ransacked

And yet smells of sweat, sex

And the sweet scent of her lavender perfume.

The night before had left them both in ruins,

But now the sun is threatening to peek

In at them through the blinds. She grunts.

He says, "Hello, old friend." "No," she coos,

"Coffee." "But love, the sun has come

To see your beauty. He's heard your hair

Outshines his golden rays. Old friend, it does!

And I am greedy. I keep her here with me.

You will have to wait for her beauty, outside,

You who shine down in the morning wood.

I for my part can only raise one ivory column

In salute to this goddess, who even

With her back to me inspires me to such heights.

If I could do more, O sun, the temple I'd build

Then dedicate to her would be your pleasure

To behold and what you would look forward to

In rising each morning, as I do here."

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This would surely bring a smile to Mr.Larkin.

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