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Coming in 2023 - A Literary Journal with No Limits

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

We at Trigger Warning believe that art is meant to trigger emotion. If art doesn't grab you and make you feel, all you have is a Hallmark Card.

We understand the time and place for Trigger Warnings, but when you open a literary magazine, you should expect to be triggered. You should be seeking it out.

As writers ourselves, we know that alerting the reader of the content of a trigger can greatly diminish the power of the writing. We want to be punched in the gut with emotion when reading. We don't want to see that punch coming.

This is not about trying to be shocking or offend people. It's expressing honest, raw emotion without the fear of doing so.

Send us what other journals have rejected. Send us what your friends have read and said, "You can't publish that!" Send us the work that you don't want your grandmother to read. Send us the work that you do want your grandmother to read.

We want your poetry, your fiction, your art. It doesn't have to be "triggering." What is and isn't is so subjective anyway. We just don't want you to have to worry if you have gone too far. We want to see you push the limits.

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